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Berlinada in a dark color
Patio roofing Berlinada

2.00 m to 4.00 m (0.5 m grid)

2.46 m to 7.26 m


The curved Berlinada patio roof adds harmonious accents to your patio. The curved shape of the cover creates the illusion of increased overall height, making it a visually appealing focal point in your garden. With high-quality aluminum profiles, an aesthetically pleasing gutter system, and supports with integrated rainwater downpipe, this patio roof serves as a great alternative to traditional awnings.
Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty
  • Individually designed aluminum profiles
  • Glazing also possible with laminated safety glass
  • Elegant shaping
Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty


Berlinada with closed shading elements
Efficient lateral glazing

Efficient glazing

The almost flat glass surface ensures easy cleaning of the patio roof. The roof is glazed with solid, high-impact-resistant plastic glazing or, for an additional fee, with curved laminated safety glass with a standard pane width of approximately 0.77m.
Shade roller blinds directly under the roof

Modern design

The curved patio roof is versatile and can be used as a carport, as a front door canopy, or simply as a terrace roof. Upon request, the terrace roof can be equipped with a partial gable.
Patio roof Friesland in grey

Flexible in colour

The sturdy aluminum profiles are available in all colors according to RAL upon request. This makes the roof very customizable and seamlessly integrates it into the overall look of your home.
Berlinada with patio furniture

High-quality aluminum profiles

As a roofing manufacturer, we develop our own high-quality aluminum profile systems that precisely meet the high requirements. Our range now includes approximately 450 of our own profile cross-sections. Among them, ridge, gutter, and base profiles are particularly important for stability.


Available colors:
white RAL 9016, dark brown RAL 8077, white aluminum RAL 9006, anthracite gray DB 703. Additional custom colors are available upon request!

Available glazing options:
6mm Plexiglas, transparent For an additional cost: 8mm laminated safety glass.

Berlinada in the garden with wall connection


With friends or family, you can spend many pleasant hours on the terrace on warm and sunny days - comfortably enjoying coffee and cake, a Sunday brunch together, or an extended barbecue evening. But what if the weather suddenly changes and all that can be seen in the sky are dark rain clouds? With a patio roof from Hoklartherm, you can enjoy your terrace and garden even in rain and wind. The roof also provides optimal protection against bird droppings and falling branches. Now NEW! Glazing with curved laminated safety glass - an affordable upgrade.

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*Other special colours available on request


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