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Tomato house Terra planted
Terra BF1.72 m0.79 mapprox. 0.10 m2.00 m

A greenhouse for tomatoes provides protection for the tomato plants and creates optimal growing conditions. This results in a larger harvest for you! The tomato house consists of high-quality, weather-resistant aluminium profiles in natural aluminium colour. The glazing is made of transparent polycarbonate that is UV-resistant and can be slid up and down continuously. One advantage over a plastic greenhouse is the stability created by the high-quality glazing and aluminium profiles. The tomato house comes with a foundation frame for anchoring it to the ground and can be quickly assembled.

Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty
  • Modern and functional, delivery includes foundation frame

  • Space-saving and efficient

  • Sliding side windows

  • Many accessories possible

Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty


Small Tomato-Greenhouse Terra BF in the garden
Installation of the decoration bars

High-quality aluminium profiles

As a greenhouse manufacturer, we develop our own high-quality aluminium profile systems that meet the highest requirements with precision. Our range now includes approximately 450 of our own profile cross-sections.

Side ventilation tomato greenhouse

Sliding ventilation on both sides

The integrated sliding ventilation system makes it easy to adjust the temperature for salad and co.

Terra BF tomato greenhouse on a fixed foundation frame

Fixed stand

The tomato house is supplied with a foundation frame for anchoring to the ground.

Planted tomato greenhouse in the garden

Perfect use of space

The “TERRA BF” tomato house is 2.00 m high (including the floor frame), has a cultivation area of approximately 1.40 m², and is accessible from all sides. This corresponds to the harvest possibilities of a nearly 4.00 m² greenhouse, as the usual central aisle is eliminated.

Protected environment for tomatoes in the Terra BF greenhouse

Alternative to a cold frame

On cool spring days, the fully enclosed tomato house can already be used as a cold frame for spinach and salad. On hot summer days, the tomato plants are protected from heat by the vertically adjustable side elements.


Optional additions/accessories:
Shelves made of safety glass (ESG)
Aluminium plant tray
External shading
Damp room heater/frost monitor

Transparent, shatter-proof polycarbonate

Expandable tomato greenhouse as cold frame


By using the available additional shelves for two more levels, the area can be doubled or tripled. There are also matching planting trays available, for example, for growing seedlings. The TERRA BF tomato house is delivered fully assembled on a pallet and is ready for immediate use.

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Terra BF tomato greenhouse with side ventilation

Buying a tomato greenhouse – Hoklartherm offers customized solutions

Just like with any greenhouse, functionality and aesthetics should come together when purchasing a tomato greenhouse. That's why we at Hoklartherm offer you the opportunity to design your tomato greenhouse according to your wishes and requirements.

Would you like to have a look at our products before making a decision? No problem: Visit our showroom and explore our tomato greenhouse, greenhouses, pavilions, conservatories, patio covers, and windbreak systems. Speak to our knowledgeable staff or reach us by phone anytime.





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