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Bio-Top greenhouse on a base

Buy a greenhouse directly from Hoklartherm

Are you looking for your dream greenhouse? Then don't let it turn into a nightmare and opt for a solidly crafted greenhouse of top-notch quality: Choose a greenhouse from Hoklartherm. As a leading artisanal greenhouse manufacturer with our own aluminum profile production, we have satisfied customers all over the world – join them and be one of them!

Buy a Greenhouse – Quality from the Experts

When you want to buy a greenhouse, you often have many questions at the beginning. It's good to know that you will be properly advised. Just like at Hoklartherm, because our goal is the perfect greenhouse for you! Whether you're looking for a traditional greenhouse, a balcony greenhouse, or a raised bed kit, whether it's a large or mini greenhouse, for growing vegetables, exotic ornamental plants, or even as a living space – we reliably fulfill your greenhouse dreams. We distinguish ourselves from other greenhouse manufacturers not only by the wide variety of greenhouses you can purchase from us. Our quality is also unparalleled. This can be seen in many small and large details, such as the fact that all our greenhouses come without unsightly cross braces in the glazing fields, or our principle that a greenhouse must also have spare parts and upgrade options. Our artisanal operation has grown with greenhouses for vegetables – over 40 years of experience flow into our products and form the basis for your personalized consultation.

And what does a greenhouse cost? Well, that naturally depends on the model and the features. Don't be misled when you compare greenhouse purchase offers. The decisive factor for the price of a greenhouse is not the square footage, but the volume of space. So, also compare the wall height and the ridge height. Equally important are the type of glazing and the weight of the aluminum (the thickness of the profiles): The more stable the aluminum base construction, the more resistant to twisting and thus safer the greenhouse stands. Good to know: With us, you can rely on the highest quality of all materials and constructions – that's why Hoklartherm offers a 10-year guarantee on twin-wall sheets and a 25-year guarantee on profiles and constructions. By the way, with us, anthracite or fir green aluminum profile coatings are standardly included in the price of many models: this is also a criterion when comparing greenhouse prices because many manufacturers generally calculate with plain "natural aluminum." If you prefer a coated structure, you'll have to pay extra. Therefore, it is worth multiple times to buy reliable greenhouse quality.

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Planning a Greenhouse: Types, Style, Location, and Building Permission

To ensure you truly get the greenhouse of your dreams, it's worthwhile to clarify a few questions in advance. After all, you don't want just any greenhouse – but exactly the model that:

  • Perfectly fulfills your cultivation or living desires,
  • Harmoniously fits into your garden and complements your property,
  • And accompanies you for a lifetime, if possible.

Therefore, we have compiled four main aspects and one question for you to consider during greenhouse planning. So, what types and forms of greenhouses are there?

Greenhouse Distinction by Usage

Greenhouse Distinction by Location

Greenhouse Distinction by Style and Taste

Greenhouse Distinction by Construction Type and Materials

Greenhouse Building Permit – Is It Really Necessary?

Where Should I Place My Greenhouse?

Greenhouse Size: How Big or Small Should It Be?

The of your greenhouse is a critical factor when making a purchase. Remember, don’t just consider the floor area, which depends on the of your garden, terrace, or balcony. Important for comfortable working and living is the height of the sidewalls. The intended use also impacts the necessary . Here are the best tips for choosing the of your greenhouse. What constitutes a large greenhouse is ultimately a personal decision. In a small garden, a greenhouse measuring 2 x 3 square meters might seem "large," while on a large property, even a 3 x 4 square meter greenhouse may appear small. Medium and large greenhouses often feature extras like attractive bay windows or particularly comfortable sidewall heights and door widths, which are useful for cultivating and overwintering large plants. And of course, Hoklartherm can fulfill almost any special request! Size Tip: For private use, for growing vegetables or summer flowers, a floor area of 10-12 square meters is a good . Ideally, the greenhouse should have a sidewall height of at least 1.70 meters, which allows for comfortable working and ensures good air circulation. To help you determine the of your dream greenhouse, you’ll find some benchmark values in the following table.



Floor Area

Example Dimensions


Example Model

For 2 People and seed starting4-8 2 x 2 m² or 2 x 3 m²Small GreenhouseGewächshaus Arcus S

For 4 People and Vegetable Cultivation

8-12 3 x 3

Medium-Sized Greenhouse

Gewächshaus Bio-Top

For 6 People and Vegetable Cultivation


3 x 4 meters or larger

Large Greenhouse

Gewächshaus Bio-Varis

Residential Greenhouse (Plants, Tables, Chairs, etc.)

> 14 3,5 x 4 m² or largerIsolated GreenhouseWohngewächshaus Livingten

Black, Anthracite, or Green Greenhouse? Which Greenhouse Look Should It Be?

Clothes make the man, and colors make the greenhouse! Colors not only have an impact on us humans, but they also ensure the perfect harmony of architectural elements with their surroundings – that is, your garden and property. Let our photo gallery inspire you with the various stylistic effects different greenhouse colors can have!

How Do Different Greenhouse Colors Affect the Look?

Greenhouse in green
Greenhouse in green
Greenhouse in grey
Greenhouse in grey
Greenhouse in black
Greenhouse in black
Gewächshaus in Weiss
Gewächshaus in Weiss

Greenhouse with Glass, Film, or Polycarbonate Sheets – Which Material Suits Which Application?

No doubt, for the basic greenhouse structure, high-quality aluminum profiles are the most stable and durable solution. But what about the glazing? Which greenhouse glazing material is right for you? How sustainable are film, plastic, or glass? Can greenhouse glass break, will film blow away in a storm? And how UV-resistant are the various options – do polycarbonate sheets yellow or become brittle over time? To learn all the advantages and disadvantages, take advantage of more than 40 years of Hoklartherm experience: Our friendly experts are happy to help you find the optimal glazing for your greenhouse. Here are some initial important insights:

Advantages and Disadvantages: Greenhouse with Film

Vor- und Nachteile: Gewächshaus mit Doppelstegplatten/Hohlkammerplatten

Advantages and Disadvantages: Greenhouse with Plexiglas (Acrylic Glass)

Advantages and Disadvantages: Greenhouse with Real Glass

Comparison of Greenhouse Materials

 Doppelstegplatten (ISO-HKP 10 mm)Dreifachstegplatten (PC-HKP 16 mm)16 mm Plexiglas AlltopISO-Glas 16 mm (im Seitenbereich)ISO-Sicherheitsglas 16 mm (Dachbereich)





UV Transmittance

ca. 20 %ca. 20 %ca. 90 %Ca. 55 %Ca. 55 %

Light Transmittance

68 %77 %91 %80 %80 %

Impact Resistance

High (Plasticizers)

High (Plasticizers)

HighHighVery High

Scratch Resistance














Very Good

Very Good






Very Good; U-value 2.5

Very Good; U-value 2.5

Very Good; U-value 2.5

Very Good; U-value 3

Very Good; U-value 3


Stable and Winterproof Greenhouse: Aluminum or Wood?

Not only does the glazing have to meet high standards, but the greenhouse structure itself must also be stable and durable, winterproof, storm-resistant—and not too bulky, as it should not block light. The structure must effortlessly handle temperature differences of up to 50°C between the inside and outside, as well as high humidity (both from inside and outside). Moreover, it must be as well-insulated as possible, just like the glazing.

So, which material should be used for the greenhouse?

The two most important materials for greenhouse structures are wood and aluminum. To give you our conclusion up front: At Hoklartherm, we rely on high-quality and stable aluminum for many reasons—but we don't want to withhold from you the pros and cons of using wood.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Greenhouse with Wood

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Aluminum Greenhouse

Twin-wall sheets Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty

Living in a Greenhouse: The Greenhouse Conservatory

There are wonderful ways to experience "living in a greenhouse." For example, you can use the greenhouse entirely as a conservatory, essentially as an additional room for your home. This is possible with our popular, freestanding residential greenhouse "Livingten" for DIY enthusiasts. With its comfortable standing wall height and clear real glass glazing without cross braces, it creates a pleasant sense of space filled with natural freedom while still being protected. If you prefer living amidst your beloved plants, combine a greenhouse and a conservatory!

Ideal for realizing this second option are greenhouses with smart space distribution, like our old English greenhouse York TH. This excellently insulated greenhouse features a bay window that can be used as a small sitting area in front of a dedicated greenhouse zone – or simply as a practical extension of the garden shed. Naturally, the living and plant areas do not have to be strictly separated: How about a garden sofa for relaxing or two lounge chairs directly under palm trees? We are happy to help you realize your best ideas.

Greenhouse: Build It Yourself or Have It Built?

Do you want to build your greenhouse yourself? At Hoklartherm, you're in the right place for a DIY greenhouse – as long as it’s not made from old windows or wood! We can supply you with nearly all of our greenhouse models as kits: from a small DIY tomato greenhouse to the large Arcus L arch greenhouse. With our well-thought-out modular systems, the construction is straightforward, shading is no problem, and we even provide instructions for building the greenhouse foundation. (That is, if a foundation is necessary at all, as our engineers have also devised clever greenhouse solutions that can do without a concrete foundation.)

What Are the Advantages of Building Your Greenhouse Yourself?

What Are the Advantages of Having Your Greenhouse Built for You?

Which Hoklartherm Greenhouses Are Available as DIY Kits?

Greenhouse Yearly Plan – Maintenance & Planting (with PDF + Planting Calendar)

Your new greenhouse is finally up – now you need a plan for planting and maintenance! Generally speaking, you can start planting in an unheated greenhouse in April, depending on the temperature. A heated greenhouse with frost protection allows you to begin sowing as early as February or March. You can see what can be planted and when in our handy planting calendar PDF, written by our gardening experts. In the spring, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the greenhouse. How to proceed afterward can be found in our practical greenhouse maintenance plan PDF.

Greenhouse Exhibition: Show Garden & Retail Partners

Having trouble deciding on a specific greenhouse model? Or perhaps you just want to get inspired about greenhouses in general? Then you should come and see various models in person – either at our large greenhouse exhibition in Apen, Lower Saxony, or at one of our retail partners. Our show garden, with over 60 greenhouses, residential greenhouses, and more, is the largest exhibition of its kind in all of Europe, spanning 20,000 square meters. The greenhouses are operated by Hoklartherm gardeners in various cultivation styles, allowing you to explore and experience the structures just as you would in your own garden.


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