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Glas greenhouse Bio Varis in the garden

Greenhouses made of glass

The name “Glashaus” (glasshouse) doesn't come by chance: traditionally, a high-quality greenhouse is equipped with glass panels made of real glass. In the roof area, we use safety glass. This not only looks visually appealing but also brings practical advantages for the glass greenhouse.

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Greenhouses with real glass: stability & longevity from the manufacturer

As real glass also carries a certain weight, it requires a lot of expertise to build a solid, stable, and storm-resistant glass greenhouse. Buying it directly from the manufacturer offers you the advantage of relying on high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship, just like what we at Hoklartherm provide. Our sturdy basic structures made from our own developed aluminum profiles create the stable foundation to even incorporate a real glass roof in the greenhouse. Of course, we also offer other types of glazing, so feel free to check out our complete greenhouse product range.

Twin-wall sheets Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty

What are the advantages of a glass greenhouse?

What sizes and models are available for glass greenhouses?

Which greenhouse glass is ideal?

What material is a glass greenhouse made of?

How is a glass greenhouse built?

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