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Cold frame in the garden

Buy cold frames and extensions from Hoklartherm manufacturer

Start your gardening season with the early cultivation of vegetables & Co. High-quality cold frames are available from greenhouse manufacturer Hoklartherm, including extensions in various variations. Cold frames can also be well combined with our range of raised beds.

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Efficient use of cold frames

Garden enthusiasts who want to harvest fresh vegetables all year round often opt for a greenhouse to protect and grow various plants regardless of weather conditions. However, not everyone has enough space to accommodate a greenhouse on their property. Moreover, many hobby gardeners prefer to cultivate a small area with vegetables and other crops to minimize the workload. In such cases, a cold frame can be the ideal solution. A cold frame is a protected and covered planting bed where flowers and other young plants can be exposed to the elements and cultivated early in the year. The applications for these cold frames are extremely versatile, and Hoklartherm offers a selection of specially designed cold frames that can be purchased from us.

When you purchase a cold frame from us, you benefit from a well-designed structure that provides optimal protection and the best possible growth conditions for your plants. Our cold frame is made from high-quality and particularly durable materials, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for several years. The aluminium frame and sturdy plastic glazing ensure that the cold frame performs steadily in windy and inclement weather, maintaining a consistent growth-promoting climate for the plants inside. To ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your new cold frame, it is not only important to choose our stable and high-quality construction, but also to select the right location for your cold frame setup.

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Buying a cold frame: How much does a cold frame cost?

When purchasing a cold frame, there are various aspects to consider: How large should the cold frame be? What material should it be made of? Is it worth investing in a base or a cold frame attachment, especially if you intend to use the cold frame for turtles or as a raised bed? These decisions can have an impact on the price of a cold frame. However, it is also important to consider the long-term cost savings. For example, a wooden cold frame requires regular maintenance as the wood changes under the influence of weather conditions. On the other hand, a plastic and aluminium cold frame is resistant in this regard. Additionally, you save money on different planting containers because you can directly sow your plants in the ground in a cold frame.

At Hoklartherm, we offer you an affordable cold frame of convincing quality. We construct our cold frames, as well as our other greenhouses, patio covers, and winter gardens, precisely and perfectly tailored from the best materials. Not sure if you want to choose a cold frame or plan for a lean-to greenhouse instead? Visit our exhibition garden and take a look at the various options on-site. If you have any questions, you can also fill out our contact form or directly contact our personal representative by phone.


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