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Pool enclosure - Enjoy the pool in a protected environment

Enjoy swimming in any weather, have fun without environmental influences, utilize solar energy without additional heating from April to October, and protect against contamination and much more... All of this is provided by high-quality pool enclosures.
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The "Sylt A" and "Sylt B" systems are flat enclosures with a uniformly curved shape, with "Sylt B" featuring straight side walls made of transparent Plexiglas. This allows for a clear view even when the enclosure is closed. The enclosure segments can be easily slid under each other individually. In contrast, the "Borkum" or "Doppel-Berlin" systems are high-quality aluminum structures with a rounded arch design - the perfect swimming halls! The special feature is that all side elements can be freely moved. They can simply be raised when needed. You will swim as if under the open sky, but well protected.

Pool enclosures from Hoklartherm - Stylish and practical protection for your pool

Just take a plunge into the refreshing water whenever you feel like it: With a pool in your own garden, the hassle of going to public swimming pools becomes a thing of the past. What a pleasant luxury in everyday life. However, not every day is filled with sunshine: Various types of dirt, wind, and weather can spoil the fun and even create a lot of work for pool owners. But it doesn't have to be that way: With a pool enclosure, you are on the safe side all year round.

Clean and safe: What advantages does a pool enclosure offer?

Pool owners know it all too well: whether it's fallen leaves, bird droppings, or insects - in the summer, the skimmer net always needs to be at hand. With a pool enclosure, however, you can relax and lean back. Not to mention that it also reduces the need for chemical products for water treatment, in addition to cleaning efforts. And that's not all: the water is also protected from cooling down. More than 80 percent of the water's heat is lost through the surface. By avoiding exposure to unfavorable weather conditions, that can be prevented from happening. Moreover, a pool enclosure even allows for gaining heat solely through sunlight: in a covered pool, the water is on average 5 to 7 °C warmer than in an open pool, without any additional heating costs. At the same time, the water evaporation is reduced, which can make a significant difference, especially on hot sunny days. In winter, a custom-fitted pool cover protects against frost and potential damage, and with the appropriate features, it can even enable year-round swimming enjoyment. The benefits of a reliable enclosure for the safety of small children and pets around the pool should not be underestimated.

Reliably protected: What options are there for pool covers?

Of course, you can simply cover a pool with a manual cover, pulling it over the pool and securing it with an elastic band. It may be inexpensive, but it is not a robust or long-lasting solution. While it can help prevent debris, reduce evaporation and heat loss, it doesn't offer much more than that. Additionally, constantly setting up and taking down the cover is not particularly convenient or sustainable. Even higher-quality covers that come with a rolling mechanism or inflatable dome are primarily meant for winter protection. Due to material and weather conditions, many covers tend to wear out quickly, and you may have to replace them regularly, possibly after just one season. Naturally, covers have limited effectiveness in terms of child safety. If that is important to you, you should definitely invest in a high-quality, sturdy, and durable solution: a walk-on pool cover. With this type of cover, you can avoid the hassle of assembling and disassembling the cover in spring and autumn to make your pool winter-ready. If you want to use your swimming pool year-round, a permanently installed pool enclosure may be the only choice.

Solidly constructed: How should a robust swimming pool enclosure be designed?

The pool enclosure is particularly high-quality and durable when constructed with a frame made of sturdy aluminum profiles, as successfully used by Hoklartherm based on their extensive experience in greenhouse construction. Weather-resistant twin-wall sheets made of polycarbonate have proven to be reliable glazing options. Transparent plexiglass is suitable for areas where clear visibility is desired, especially for the side walls. Colored glazing options are also available for the roof area. Access to your private indoor pool can be achieved through sliding doors or a swing door, or a transparent panel (model "Sylt A") on the gable side. For a circular enclosure with the rotating glass pavilion Rondo, laminated safety glass is suitable as a side glazing option. Depending on the construction type, a strip foundation may be required to ensure a solid base for the pool enclosure.

Square or round: How diverse are the shapes and styles for a pool enclosure?

The square can fit into the round - or vice versa. Everything is possible. If you have a round pool in your garden, the pool enclosure does not necessarily have to be round as well. You can definitely provide a round or oval pool with a rectangular enclosure. This can even be very attractive. By doing so, you will gain additional space on the pool edge in your very own private wellness oasis, where you can set up cozy relaxation corners with a sunbed or a lounge chair, or create a romantic atmosphere with potted plants. Unlike complete pool sets with enclosures, our square pool enclosures can be configured individually according to your requirements, allowing for variable lengths. Conversely, it is also conceivable to cover a square pool - up to a certain - with a round swimming pool enclosure. For this purpose, our "Rondo" glass pavilion with a sufficiently large diameter is suitable.

Variable planning: The perfect enclosure for every garden pool

  • Like a convertible roof, our model "Sylt A" spans the pool in a curved shape. It can be easily opened, hence the comparison to a convertible. Thanks to smooth-rolling bearings, the enclosure elements can be slid under each other segment by segment, allowing you to swim under the open sky or under the protective cover, depending on the weather.
  • The "Sylt B" enclosure, with its corbel-shaped design, is also segmentally adjustable. It has a maximum height of 1.20 meters, making it our shallowest design in this style. Even when closed, the upright, transparent sidewalls made of high-impact-resistant Plexiglas ensure an unobstructed view of nature.
  • With the "Borkum" model, featuring semi-circular enclosure elements, you can create a proper swimming hall over your pool. On sunny days, you can slide the freely movable side panels up on one or both sides continuously, and in inclement weather, you can quickly close them again. This ensures optimal ventilation and also provides a side entrance to your swimming pool.
  • Based on a similar construction principle, the "Double-Berlin" model is designed. However, thanks to extra steep side panels with a slope of only about 5 degrees, you gain even more airy space above your garden pool. This swimming pool enclosure is supported by stable system profiles. With the patented sliding technology that provides additional power support, the transparent Plexiglas side panels can be easily and continuously opened.
  • If you prefer vertical side walls, that is also possible with our "Rügen" model. Additionally, it is constructed with thermally insulated aluminum profiles. This means that solar radiation not only serves as a pleasant heat source for your swimming hall but also prevents the produced heat from escaping back outside. This is especially advantageous when aiming for year-round pool usage. The "Rügen" enclosure system is customized according to your specific requirements, including the option of attaching it to an existing building. We also offer special constructions with a wide range of colours and design options.

A round affair: The "Rondo" pavilion as a versatile pool cover

If you want to cover a smaller pool or a whirlpool, our rotating glass pavilion "Rondo" offers an attractive option. In addition to its functionality, it creates a visual highlight in your garden that can impress with its amazingly versatile qualities. The round pavilion can be rotated in any direction and can be opened up to 180° through two movable half-shells. Depending on the weather, you can decide whether you want to swim outdoors or close the pavilion completely. If on a beautiful day, a gusty wind disturbs the pleasure, the open half-shells can effectively shield it like a shield - and you can still dive under the open sky. With a stylish flooring around the actual swimming area, such as wood or beautiful stone, you can create a thoroughly successful ambiance in the "Rondo" pavilion.

The special touch: What extras can pool enclosures be equipped with?

Just a roof over your head - that's not all: Make your private swimming experience as pleasant as possible. Create a mood-enhancing lighting with recessed floor spotlights. The necessary power supply for various devices can be provided by floor sockets. And to prevent heat build-up under the closed pool enclosure, we also offer suitable shading options. If you wish to automate your pool enclosure, that is also possible. Just let us know, and our experts will gladly provide you with information.

Who will build a pool enclosure?

Basically, anyone can build a pool enclosure if everything is well-prepared and explained – from the possible foundation needed to the completeness of the entire kit and the required tools. With the right manual skills and technical understanding, it should be achievable with the help of a good installation guide. However, if you don't feel capable or willing to do it yourself, that's not a problem. In this case, we, at Hoklartherm, offer to take care of the installation of your new pool enclosure. As a rule of thumb, the larger the roof area, the more it is advisable to entrust the construction of your pool cover to experienced professionals.

Cleverly calculated: What does a pool enclosure cost?

Given the diverse options available for enclosing a garden pool, it is difficult to make general statements about the price of a pool enclosure. The range can vary from a simple and affordable solution to a luxurious and correspondingly more expensive option. The most important aspect is to define your requirements for your new pool enclosure, ensuring it is robust, durable, stable, and offers the desired insulation properties. Based on these criteria, you can compare individual cost estimates and avoid falling for a supposed bargain. Our experienced professionals are available to provide advisory support during the planning phase to help you make informed decisions.
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