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Pavilion Rondo

Rotating Glass Pavilion – Individuality and luxury for your garden

A rotating glass pavilion is the perfect addition to your garden if you desire a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing outdoor seating area where you can enjoy the proximity to nature all year round. Unlike a conservatory, which is often designed as an attached structure, a glass pavilion, also known as an orangery, offers maximum freedom with its unique appearance and flexible usage options. With us, you can order a round glass pavilion for your garden, tailored to your specific requirements with high-quality craftsmanship. Contact us today, and we will be happy to explain all the advantages in a personal conversation.

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Aesthetics in perfection: Rotating glass pavilions in individual style

While a typical conservatory, similar to a lean-to greenhouse, is often directly attached to an existing residential building, glass pavilions offer maximum freedom in this regard. They are standalone structures that can be easily installed in a sunny or shaded area on your property. Moreover, our rotating glass pavilions impress with their unique look, providing you with numerous opportunities for self-expression.

For example, you can choose from different roof shapes, opting for a striking pagoda roof or a harmonious dome roof. Additionally, you can also customize the roof glazing to reflect your personal taste, such as installing coloured roof glazing or incorporating side glass elements with textured panels or opaque fillings. This allows you to not only consider your own preferences but also take into account location factors. For instance, an opaque filling of the glass windows in your garden glass pavilion can provide protection from prying eyes of neighbouring houses.


Functional and flexible: All-weather pavilions with continuous opening

Our rotating glass pavilions, such as the Pavilion Rondo VK, not only impress as glasshouses with great panoramic views, but also offer maximum comfort. They can be easily and continuously opened, allowing them to be adjusted to the weather and lighting conditions at any time. For example, if the wind enters the interior of the pavilion, simply move the opening – and you will have optimal conditions again.

Tip: You want to enjoy your glass pavilion even in summer rain, but fear the heat build-up inside? Many of our glass pavilions offer a clever solution: They have a thermodynamic wind turbine fan at the top of the roof, which ensures a good climate even with closed glass doors.

Glass pavilion is opened by one person
Glass pavilion is opened by one person
Table and sofas in a glass pavilion
Table and sofas in a glass pavilion

Versatile applications: What can a rotating glass pavilion be used for?

When ordering a round or square garden pavilion, you typically think of using it as a classic seating area in the green. In fact, most of our customers use their Hoklartherm glass pavilion on their own property to enjoy the greenery of nature in a protected space behind the impact-resistant glass panels or with the doors open. Furthermore, there are many other possibilities for using our glass pavilions:


  • Pool and hot tub cover
  • Studio
  • Acoustical shell
  • Smoking pavilion

A glass pavilion can be particularly practical both in private settings and from a gastronomic perspective: When placed on the premises of a restaurant, it offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a cigarette while being protected from the elements, whether it be in summer or winter. When used as a studio, a glass pavilion provides wonderful lighting conditions and inspires creativity with its view of nature. Additionally, a glass pavilion can also be excellently utilized as an acoustical/concert shell in a park or spa area. The round pavilion is ideal for enhancing the acoustics of the musical worlds created by, for example, a string quartet.

Design your glass pavilion to your own taste: From shading to colour

Whether you opt for a visually striking glass pavilion like our Pavilion Rondo VP, the range of customization and design options is enormous. You can choose between different roof structures, and of course, select the you desire. Additionally, you have the option to design the aluminium profiles in various RAL colours according to your own preferences. With a completely individual pavilion special construction, even more possibilities are open to you.

When it comes to shading, you can also select from various options for your glass pavilion. With a high-quality visibility and sun protection made of UV- and moisture-resistant fabric, for example, you can enjoy the protected atmosphere of the glass pavilion in any weather.

Tip: You would like to buy a glass pavilion and set it up in your garden? To make your purchasing decision easier, we recommend visiting our exhibition garden. There, our experienced staff will not only explain to you all the advantages of a glass pavilion in a personal conversation, but also gladly demonstrate the various models to you in detail.

Buying a rotating glass pavilion: Best quality and service from Hoklartherm

When you want to buy a glass pavilion, it's important to consider that this is a significant investment. To ensure that you can still enjoy carefree hours and cosy evenings with your family and friends in your glass pavilion after many years, it's crucial to prioritize high-quality materials and a durable construction. At Hoklartherm, we have been known for reliable “made in Germany” quality for over 40 years and have become true experts in glass pavilions, greenhouses, pool enclosures, and more over the years. In addition to catering to individual customer preferences, we prioritize service and consultation. Therefore, we would like to know more about your desires regarding a rotating glass pavilion. Feel free to contact us without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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