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Outdoor awning from Hoklartherm

Hoklartherm awnings - versatile and attractive shade providers

Terraces and balconies expand living spaces outdoors in a pleasant way during the beautiful seasons. The outdoor oasis is where families gather, friends are entertained, or one simply relaxes and unwinds. And when the sun is shining, everything seems perfect - but without reliable shading, it can quickly become uncomfortably hot. Awnings are the classic solution for providing large areas of shade and creating a pleasant climate. They also offer privacy protection against unwanted views into private life. When combined with a glass patio roof, such as the ones offered by Hoklartherm, awnings play a crucial role in preventing excessive heat buildup underneath the roof. At the same time, this combination provides a versatile all-around protection, regardless of the weather conditions.
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Awnings and Roofing as a Clever Combination

If you want to enjoy your outdoor seating area without any restrictions in nice weather and not have to run for cover at the first raindrops, a combination of an awning and a fixed terrace cover made of glass and aluminum is a great option. The awning can be installed as an interior sunshade under the glass roof, as well as an weatherproof exterior sunshade directly above the glass roof. Both options provide protection against UV radiation and heat. Each solution has its own strengths:

  • An interior awning undeniably has the advantage that the structural elements and the awning fabric are optimally protected from the elements and therefore from dirt. While the awning shields the outdoor seating area from too much sun, the glass roof of the terrace cover also provides protection over the awning. In higher locations or areas where the wind often blows strongly, an interior awning is often a sensible choice - and usually the slightly more affordable one.
  • On the other hand, an exterior awning is certainly unbeatable when it comes to effectiveness: it captures the sunlight before it can even reach and heat up the glass roof. However, this requires a slightly more elaborate construction, and of course, the materials used must be absolutely weatherproof. Because an exterior awning is exposed to the elements, the fabric and the entire structure must also be cleaned regularly.

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