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Hoklartherm awnings - versatile and attractive shade providers

Terraces and balconies expand living spaces outdoors in a pleasant way during the beautiful seasons. The outdoor oasis is where families gather, friends are entertained, or one simply relaxes and unwinds. And when the sun is shining, everything seems perfect - but without reliable shading, it can quickly become uncomfortably hot. Awnings are the classic solution for providing large areas of shade and creating a pleasant climate. They also offer privacy protection against unwanted views into private life. When combined with a glass patio roof, such as the ones offered by Hoklartherm, awnings play a crucial role in preventing excessive heat buildup underneath the roof. At the same time, this combination provides a versatile all-around protection, regardless of the weather conditions.
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Buying an awning - Flexible solutions for your outdoor seating area

An awning provides versatile sun protection for your terrace, balcony, or conservatory. Equipped with a sun, rain, or wind sensor, it can be an ideal complement to a patio roof. While a terrace awning offers sensible sun protection, it is not designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. For comprehensive protection against both rain and sunshine, a terrace cover with an under-roof shading system, such as the weather-resistant HOKLAR-SUN, is recommended. With this setup, you can leave your garden furniture and decorations in place, without the need to move them aside every time you briefly step away from home.

Variable protection: What awnings have to offer

You are probably familiar with awnings from your childhood. Fixed to the house wall, preferably under a roof overhang or balcony, a conventional retractable awning can be operated by hand crank or electrically with the push of a button, and can be extended and retracted as desired. Depending on the design, the fabric is visibly rolled up on a roller, or the roller is partially or completely protected from the weather by a cassette. For the also available medium-d freestanding awnings, which are now also offered, wall mounting is not necessary, and they can be flexibly set up in the garden away from the house. Regardless of the construction, an awning on its own can provide shade in sunny weather and withstand a few raindrops, but it does not provide real weather protection. Instead, it must be retracted quickly in rain and wind to avoid any damage. There is a high risk of moisture that has not dried causing mildew or even mold. If the wind blows too strongly, the fabric can give way, the structure can be damaged and may require repair. And even if the awning is, so to speak, waterproof, meaning it has a water-repellent coating, the fabric still needs to fully dry after a shower before it can be retracted again.

Awnings and Roofing as a Clever Combination

If you want to enjoy your outdoor seating area without any restrictions in nice weather and not have to run for cover at the first raindrops, a combination of an awning and a fixed terrace cover made of glass and aluminum is a great option. The awning can be installed as an interior sunshade under the glass roof, as well as an weatherproof exterior sunshade directly above the glass roof. Both options provide protection against UV radiation and heat. Each solution has its own strengths:

  • An interior awning undeniably has the advantage that the structural elements and the awning fabric are optimally protected from the elements and therefore from dirt. While the awning shields the outdoor seating area from too much sun, the glass roof of the terrace cover also provides protection over the awning. In higher locations or areas where the wind often blows strongly, an interior awning is often a sensible choice - and usually the slightly more affordable one.
  • On the other hand, an exterior awning is certainly unbeatable when it comes to effectiveness: it captures the sunlight before it can even reach and heat up the glass roof. However, this requires a slightly more elaborate construction, and of course, the materials used must be absolutely weatherproof. Because an exterior awning is exposed to the elements, the fabric and the entire structure must also be cleaned regularly.

Side Awning: When Awnings Also Provide Side Protection

The sun doesn't always shine directly from above on your terrace or balcony: depending on the time of day or season, your shading should also protect you from the rays of the lower sun. With a side awning, which can be easily extended like a canvas, you can enjoy the rising or setting sun in a relaxed manner. In addition, you will be protected from prying eyes. Side awnings can be installed independently or as a complementary element to an awning model. They can also be adapted to an existing awning in terms of colour, or they can set their own accents with a simple or even striking colour.

Electric awnings - the automated solution

The days of using a hand crank are long gone: modern awnings can be easily operated electronically. The interior and exterior shades from Hoklartherm are powered by an inconspicuously integrated 230V tubular motor. An electric awning can respond with just the touch of a button or can be controlled via a remote control or smartphone.
Convenient for those who don't want to constantly adjust the optimal position of their awning, our sun, rain, and wind sensors are perfect: when the weather changes, a sensor detects it and the awning automatically retracts or extends. This is especially ideal when the awning not only shades the seating area, but also adjacent living spaces that should not overheat during the summer.

On the wind's edge: What makes awnings resistant

The forces exerted on an awning by even a light gust of wind are often underestimated. Especially in areas where there are frequent breezes, it is crucial that the sun protection can withstand this stress. Therefore, sturdy wall brackets that connect the awning to the masonry are absolutely essential. Only a solid connection can provide reliable resistance against wind forces. All awnings from Hoklartherm are certified according to DIN for wind resistance class 2, which means they have been tested and approved for wind speeds up to 5 (29-38 km/h). This certification ensures that the awnings can withstand moderate wind conditions and provide reliable protection. It is important to consider the specific wind conditions in your area and choose an awning that is suitably rated for those conditions. Regular maintenance and inspection of the awning, as well as following any manufacturer's guidelines for usage during windy weather, are also recommended to ensure the awning remains resistant and durable over time.
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Awning Cleaning: How to Properly Maintain Sun Protection

Even the most robust awning will thank you for treating it with care, especially if it is directly exposed to the elements. It is important to promptly remove leaves and heavy dirt. This can be done easily and gently with a soft hand broom, gently sweeping the fabric without rubbing the dirt into the fibers. When it's time for the annual deep cleaning of the awning, choose a warm and sunny day and start early. Simply rinse the fabric with clear water from a garden hose without applying pressure. Never use a pressure washer, as it can permanently damage the awning fabric.
If a more intensive cleaning is required, you can use a sponge or an extremely soft brush, but again, be careful not to rub the dirt into the fibers. If you want to use a cleaning agent, make sure it is not aggressive. Fine detergent, clear vinegar, or special awning cleaners are suitable options. The ratio of water to cleaning agent should not exceed 4:1. After cleaning, allow the awning to dry completely before retracting it.
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What makes a truly good awning?

If you want to have long-lasting enjoyment of your awning, you should definitely choose a high-quality product. When you purchase an awning from a specialist retailer, you can be sure to receive a solid model that has been tested and certified by TUV and GS. In addition, the experts will advise you on what to consider regarding installation on a particular surface. Good awnings have an innovative and secure construction made from high-quality materials that guarantee functionality and durability. The UV-resistant, tear-resistant awning fabric, which can shield a portion of harmful UV radiation, meets at least UV standard 801. The valance closure is sewn and not glued, ensuring its long-lasting attractiveness even in damp conditions.
The TUV and GS certified awnings from Hoklartherm come from reliable manufacturing and ensure the highest level of safety, quality, and comfort during installation and subsequent use. To seamlessly integrate the awning into your environment, you can choose colors and patterns from Hoklartherm's currently available collection according to your personal taste.
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Buying an awning: What shading costs

The prices and costs for an awning can vary greatly depending on the type, , features, and design. Generally, an internal sun protection system is usually associated with lower costs compared to an external awning. At Hoklartherm, we can find a harmonious solution for you, including custom designs if desired.
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Custom Solutions: When the awning is tailor-made

No outdoor seating area is the same. Depending on the and layout, individual shading solutions may be required. But even if the terrace roof runs at an angle or has a curved shape, you will find a harmonious solution at Hoklartherm, and we can also offer you custom constructions beyond that.
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