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Rhönrad im Garten

Covered Seatings

Seating options like the "Rhönrad" bench or the HOKLAR Point are practical garden chairs - compact and durable. Made of aluminum, with a roof made of high-impact polycarbonate, these seating options can be left outdoors all year round.
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A round thing - the Rhönrad from Hoklartherm as a covered seating option in the garden

Having a roof over your head on the garden bench is something fine: it provides shade in the sunshine. And when the first raindrops fall, you don't have to immediately flee into the house, but can stay comfortably seated. Our Rhönrad represents a particularly clever and practical interpretation of a covered seating option in the garden - a double pack of benches plus table. Simply a round thing - constructed from indestructible, weather-resistant materials that can withstand all seasons. With its compact dimensions, it is especially suitable for small gardens, roof terraces, and can even be placed on balconies.

A clever idea: How did the Rhönrad get its name?

Two benches, a table, and a roof in a circular frame: that is - simplistically speaking - our Rhönrad. In fact, we were inspired by the sports equipment of the same name, which consists of two metal hoops connected by rungs, when we came up with the idea for its shape. Otto Feick, the son of a blacksmith, patented his design in 1925. But don't worry: you don't have to wear sports clothing if you want to sit in Hoklartherm's Rhönrad, nor will our covered seating option roll out from under you. Instead, our Rhönrad stands completely stable and secure on the ground, offering you a comfortable and protected seat. Here, you can make yourself really comfortable, whether alone or in a social gathering. Please have a seat!

A covered seating option: What possibilities do the Rhönrad offer in the garden?

If you want to create an additional seating option in your garden away from the main terrace, our Rhönrad offers you various possibilities. Place it in the middle of the green in your garden kingdom, or choose a cozy corner with a particularly beautiful view. Here, you can retreat with a good book, enjoy coffee and cake, shuffle playing cards, or end the warm summer evening with a cool drink. Children can find a protected shelter under the roof of the Rhönrad wheel during their play breaks, quench their thirst and replenish their energy before they continue to play to their heart's content. Do you like it romantic? Then simply place a fire bowl next to the seating option in your garden and enjoy the atmospheric play of flames and the cozy warmth. This way, even in cooler seasons, you can enjoy a hot tea or a warming punch in your Rhönrad.

Round seating option: What makes the extraordinary construction of the Rhönrad?

Our Rhönrad consists of a circular base frame: two parallel aluminum profiles with outward-facing supports in the lower area. We have integrated a transparent "glass" roof made of highly break-resistant polycarbonate, which is also UV-coated, on top of this base frame. This way, you are well protected from light rain and excessive sun alike. The lower part of the frame encloses two benches and a fixed table in the middle. Each bench is made of anodized aluminum profiles that appear visually lightweight but are actually very sturdy. To ensure that your new seating area stays like new for as long as possible, the green table-top is also made of weather-resistant material. That's our Rhönrad: an extraordinary double bench including a table.

Weatherproof seating option: What materials make the Rhönrad so durable?

We have incorporated our expertise in the construction of high-quality patio covers and greenhouses from Hoklartherm into the design of our Rhönrad: It is made of solid aluminum profiles of our own development and production, with stainless steel fastenings. As standard coatings, we offer the colors White Aluminum (RAL 9006) and Fir Green (RAL 6009) for the Rhönrad. However, we can also manufacture your Rhönrad in many other special and textured colors upon request. The highly break-resistant polycarbonate for the transparent roof is also a material that has proven to be extremely durable and weather-resistant in greenhouse construction - even under a layer of snow. All materials used are easy to care for and indestructible throughout the year. Unlike a wooden seating option in the garden, which requires regular protective coatings, our Rhönrad does not require any additional work from you.

Compact seating option: What details make the Rhönrad so comfortable?

You can choose the Hoklartherm Rhönrad in two s: a four-seater for four to six people (with a diameter of approximately 2.20 m and a depth of 1.25 m) and a six-seater for up to ten people (with a diameter of approximately 2.20 m and a depth of 1.85 m). Enjoy some clever design details: We have equipped the UV-coated roof with a gutter edge to ensure a safe runoff of rainwater from the roof slope. So, you can be completely worry-free, as you won't suddenly have water dripping down your neck during a cozy chat. A central bar in the lower table area is ideal for comfortably resting your feet. And sitting in our Rhönrad is undoubtedly comfortable with a seat height of 48 cm, seat depth of 40.5 cm, and backrest height of 98 cm. The weather-resistant tabletop is located at a height of 73.5 cm. You also have the opportunity for further customization with a central bar in the upper roof area: There, you can hang lights and create a cozy atmosphere with decorations.
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Cozy seating option: How can the Rhönrad be perfectly equipped?

When you really want to make yourself comfortable, a good padding is of course a must-have: We offer you the matching cushions not only for the seat of our Rhönrad, but also for the backrest, so that you can lean back and relax. With various colors and patterns, you have the choice according to your personal taste and to match the style of your garden or balcony. For the summer months, we recommend equipping the Rhönrad with a shading system so that it does not heat up too much under the protective roof: Our Hoklar-Sun shading system is attached to the roof on running rails. The light fabric specially designed for glass and plastic glazing is woven with fine aluminum threads. This way, the sun is reflected and heat radiation towards the seating area is prevented. You can protect yourself from uncomfortable drafts with matching windscreens for the Rhönrad: The side screens are dark green at the bottom and transparent at the top, so that your view is not impaired. Of course, you can also buy an additional wind protection for the backrests, so that you are completely shielded. Simply put together the extras that make your Rhönrad a perfect seating option in the garden.
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DIY seating option: How is the Rhönrad set up in the garden?

It is up to you whether you want to place the Rhönrad directly on the grass in your garden or create a designated area like a small terrace with stones, gravel, or wood for this clever sheltered seating option. At Hoklartherm, we provide the Rhönrad as a DIY kit straight from the factory. If you would like to see our Rhönrad in person and be convinced of its qualities, we invite you to visit our exhibiton garden. There, you can already enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while test-sitting. Our knowledgeable consultants are available to provide helpful assistance and offer practical information.
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