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Mobile wind protection - flexible protection from wind and prying eyes

A mobile wind protection on your terrace or balcony allows you to respond to changing wind conditions at any time. With a mobile glass wind protection, you can shield yourself from unwanted prying eyes on your own terrace or balcony and also protect yourself effectively against the wind. However, a mobile wind protection from Hoklartherm impresses not only from a functional but also from an aesthetic point of view. Choose between our various high-quality models and design your terrace or balcony according to your own taste. And if you have any questions about our mobile wind protection, we are always available to assist you.

Our selection:

A wind protection always in the right place. This is achieved with the wind barrier system "Flower-Line". Also, ideal as a partition in office spaces or in restaurants. The basic version includes a stainless steel roller set consisting of four casters, two of which are lockable. The curved glass shape creates a timeless design and blends well with any colour scheme and style direction in your garden. With a satin rose or reed motif on the tempered safety glass and a colourful arrangement in the planter box, the simple wind barriers can also be turned into real eye-catchers. A suitable bench and stainless steel decorative balls are available upon request!

Widthapprox. 1.70 mOverall height (with castors)approx. 1.72 m
Depth basic boxapprox. 0.60 mBase box height (with castors)

approx. 0.51 m

Standard equipment

Including 8mm tempered safety glass
including planter box
including 4 stainless steel casters
2 of which are lockable.

Extra optionstextured glass
Satinised glass (also with motif)
Single-sided or double-sided bench seat
Stainless steel decorative spheres
special colours
Plastic base
Coloursgrey aluminium RAL 9007
anthracite grey DB 703


Delivery as a self-assembly kit or fully assembled.

What are the advantages of a mobile windscreen?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a mobile windscreen is the flexibility it offers. A mobile windscreen can be easily and quickly moved from one location to another. This can be especially helpful in regions where the wind direction frequently changes. If the wind blows from east to west in the morning and then suddenly changes to west to east in the afternoon, you can simply move the mobile glass windscreen accordingly and enjoy optimal comfort on your terrace or balcony again.

However, a mobile windscreen is not only practical because of its movability. It also offers great adaptability in case you are planning to move or reposition your terrace in the garden. If you have new neighbors who like to look into your garden and invade your privacy during the day, the mobile windscreen for balcony and terrace with a satin coating is the perfect solution: simply move it accordingly, and you will be protected from any unwanted views. All these advantages are not only relevant for private households, but can also be helpful for restaurants and cafés.

Here is an overview of the advantages:

  • Sturdy wind protection
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Equipped with wheels for easy movement
  • Provides optimal privacy with satin glass

Designing a portable windscreen: Who benefits from a windscreen on wheels?

The Flower-Line mobile wind protection made of glass can be used in a variety of settings: for private gardens and users, it can be used on lawns, terraces, and even balconies. Being able to move it allows you to relax in a wind-protected area anywhere on your property - both in summer and winter. In addition, a mobile windscreen is suitable for restaurants and dining establishments with outdoor seating areas. Enhance privacy for your guests and shield an outdoor seating area located by the street with a mobile windscreen made of satin-finished safety glass. It is also suitable as an aesthetic partition between smoking and non-smoking areas. Ensure that all guests of your establishment can fully enjoy and relax in your establishment.

Note: Our mobile windscreen comes as a self-assembly kit to your home. Our employees take care of the transport and deliver the windscreen to your desired address. There, you can easily assemble the functional design element yourself according to our instructions. If you have any problems or questions during this process, we are happy to assist you. Delivery of the fully assembled windscreen is also possible upon request.

Mobile Wind Protection on Wheels: What should be considered during the planning?

When you purchase a mobile windscreen and want to set it up in your garden or outdoor seating area of your restaurant, there are several aspects that you should consider

  • Material of the windscreen elements
  • Integration of planter box and/or bench
  • Colour design
  • Shape of the panels
  • Type of glass

Based on these different factors, you can customize the wind protection elements of your mobile wind protection exactly as desired. For example, choose a mobile wind protection made of clear glass that allows a view of the surrounding greenery from your terrace. If you prefer privacy, opt for our "Flower-Line" windscreen system with frosted glass instead. Frosted glass is opaque and can protect you from the gaze of outsiders on your terrace. The different glass options such as clear glass, frosted glass, or patterned glass are available for both the straight glass shape in Flower-Line model "Rhodos", the curved glass shape in Flower-Line model "La Palma", and the wavy glass shape in Flower-Line model "Gomera".

TIP: When buying a mobile wind protection, choose a model with satin glass, and we can create a custom cutout in a specific shape upon request. Whether it's a stylized flower in clear glass or the logo of your gastronomic establishment, with our mobile windbreak on wheels, you can add an extra visual highlight.

In addition to designing the glass surface, the shape of the glass panels and the inclusion of various extras can also play a role in mobile windbreaks. For example, you can equip your mobile windbreak with planters on the inside or outside. This way, you can create an additional visual highlight with abundant flowers in summer or with winter-resistant ground cover plants in winter. Other options to personalize your mobile windbreak include the installation of decorative spheres or a bench. Additionally, you have the option to customize the aluminum base frame in your desired colour. If you're unsure about how to make the most of these various design possibilities, we invite you to visit our exhibition garden and get inspiration and expert advice from our team.

Note: When you purchase our mobile wind protection, it comes with 4 wheels, two of which can be locked in place. This ensures that the Flower-line windbreak will not move involuntarily even in stormy weather. Alternatively, we can also provide our models with four fixed legs upon request.

A mobile glass wind protection - What speaks for Hoklartherm?

A mobile wind protection from Hoklartherm already speaks for quality, as it is entirely manufactured in Germany and incorporates over 40 years of company experience into its construction. At Hoklartherm, we not only stand for high-quality glass and metal greenhouses and patio roofs, but also for mobile elements like a windscreen. You can customize it according to your specific preferences in various parameters. Alternatively, you can also choose our wind protection system model "Flower-Line" with three different glass shapes. This allows you to enjoy a well-thought-out construction that has proven itself on the properties of our customers many times over. Don't forget to order suitable decorative elements such as aluminum spheres, planters, or a practical bench with integrated storage for seat cushions and more along with your mobile windscreen.   If you want to buy a mobile wind protection for your terrace or balcony but are unsure about the measurements, design elements, or customization options, our knowledgeable service advisors with years of experience are here to help. It's best to schedule an informal consultation to discuss your requirements.

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