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Special York TH garden-living greenhouse in the garden
York TH I3.27 m

Available in
different lengths
(grid 0.63 m | 1.00 m)

2.03 mup to 150 kg/m²
York TH II3.16 m2.03 mup to 150 kg/m²


With the lateral bay window of the York TH greenhouse-conservatory, you achieve a special entrance to your personal luxury haven of well-being. Special thermally separated profiles and insulated glass protect your ornamental or green plants from wind and weather, ensuring optimal growth conditions even in the cold season. This orangery offers a paradise especially for subtropical plants. Comfortable ridge and side heights offer diverse usability of the greenhouse and leave no limits when furnishing your personal haven of well-being. But your individual style should not be missed either. On request, a brick base, fireplace, and much more can be integrated.

Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty
  • Specially developed, particularly stable aluminum profiles
  • Victorian style
  • 16 mm thick glazing
  • Delicate profiles despite thermal separation
  • Elegant decorative elements
  • No crossbars in the glazing panels (stable basic construction)
  • A lot of accessories possible.
Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty


York TH with brick walls
Decorative strips and aluminium profile

High-quality aluminium profiles

As greenhouse manufacturers, we develop our own high-quality aluminum profile systems that precisely meet the highest requirements. Our range now includes approximately 450 of our own profile cross-sections. The ridge, gutter, and base profiles are particularly important for stability. All load-bearing profiles are continuous, preventing weak points (leakage).

Decorative strip greenhouse

The English style

Narrow window widths give the greenhouse a Victorian look. Elegant decorative elements also prevent birds from perching on the ridge, avoiding stubborn dirt.

Aluminum glazing bars

Aluminum glazing bars

Instead of using plastic glass clips, we use high-quality aluminum glazing bars to hold the glazing in place. Unlike plastic glazing bars, these do not rot or become porous, ensuring optimal stability and excellent insulation properties. Additionally, replacing the glass panes afterwards is easily possible.

Greenhouse side wall assembly

Well thought out

All Hoklartherm greenhouses feature a modular system, making them easy to assemble using a step-by-step process. Windows and doors are pre-installed. To ensure everything goes smoothly, all products undergo a rigorous quality control before delivery.

Stylish and cosy York TH greenhouse

Generous possibilities

The special feature of the York TH is the lateral bay window. It gives the greenhouse its typical old English character. In addition, the bay window creates a vestibule, also known as a windbreak, for the actual greenhouse and provides additional space for sitting, decorations, and plants. For gardeners who require a greenhouse with high ridge and side heights, and spacious doors and windows, it is simply ingenious.


Undivided revolving door
Double revolving door, both leaves undivided

Further options:
Side bay window

ISO safety glass 26 mm / ISO glass 22 mm

View of the furnished greenhouse with seating area


Besides size, the material plays a crucial role in greenhouses. Specially developed aluminum profiles from Hoklartherm provide high load-bearing capacity – a crucial factor when it comes to safety and durability in many greenhouses. Upon request, we gladly customize our products to your preferences. For instance, you can opt for ISO safety glass: not only does this real glass meet the highest aesthetic demands, but it is also exceptionally stable and sustainable.



*Other special colours available on request.


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