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The affordable and sturdy Riga greenhouse provides ample space for large plants and offers a variety of uses thanks to its unique Gothic shape. Well-equipped with shelves, plant trays, and planting tables, you may even have a corner free for your gardening tools or a seating area. The sloping side walls with 8mm polycarbonate ensure plenty of light and optimal snow shedding.

Twin-wall sheets Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty
  • No crossbars in the glazing panels (stable base construction)

  • Specially designed high-strength aluminum profiles

  • Minimal wind resistance

  • Curved side walls promote light entry

  • No debris on the roof due to its onion shape

  • Large hanging shelves and plenty of accessories are possible

Twin-wall sheets Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty


Greenhouse Riga with twin-wall-sheets
Close-up of aluminum profile

High-quality aluminium profiles

As greenhouse manufacturers, we develop our own high-quality aluminium profile systems that precisely meet the highest requirements. Our range now includes approximately 450 of our own profile cross-sections. The ridge, gutter, and base profiles are particularly important for stability. All load-bearing profiles are continuous, preventing weak points (leakage).

Automatic window lifter

Optimal ventilation

Our Riga greenhouse comes standard with automatic window openers, a divided swing door, and back wall windows to ensure natural ventilation.

Installing the greenhouse walls

Well thought out

All Hoklartherm greenhouses feature a modular system, making them easy to assemble using a step-by-step process. Windows and doors are pre-installed. To ensure everything goes smoothly, all products undergo a rigorous quality control before delivery.

Greenhouse Riga in gothic onion shape

Practical onion shape

The onion shape makes our Riga greenhouse a true all-rounder. The shape promotes wind resistance and ensures optimal snow and debris shedding. The slope also enhances light exposure, benefiting the plants.


Divided revolving door

Additional options:
Additional skylight
Additional lower door leaf
Stable door with lockable handle

PC-Twin-wall-sheets 8 mm in the sides and 10 mm in the gables (Riga S + L)
PC-Twin-wall-sheets 16 mm (Riga XL)

View inside the Riga greenhouse


Besides size, the material plays a crucial role in greenhouses. Specially developed aluminium profiles from Hoklartherm provide high load-bearing capacity – a crucial factor when it comes to safety and durability in many greenhouses. Upon request, we gladly customize our products to your preferences. For instance, you can opt for ISO safety glass: not only does this real glass meet the highest aesthetic demands, but it is also exceptionally stable and sustainable.

Greenhouse Riga with the Sizzlebrothers


A greenhouse in the garden not only serves as an eye-catcher, but also provides fresh vegetables for cooking and grilling. The fact that our Riga impresses in both areas is evident from the response received from the “Sizzlebrothers” from Hannover. They were looking for a sturdy greenhouse with a Gothic shape, and our Riga has now become the greenhouse star in their barbecue paradise. We are excited to see delicious dishes made with fresh vegetables. Feel free to check it out: Sizzlebrothers (YouTube video).



Special constructions available on request.


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