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Greenhouse kit with bay window
Main building3.50 m6.00 m

2.15 m

up to 150 kg/m²

Entrance bay2.39 m1.82 m




The Livingten Lounge greenhouse differs from the Livingten model with a large greenhouse bay window that can be used in various ways. As a self-assembly kit, this greenhouse for garden-living brings a unique appearance and thermal properties with its two-tone, thermally separated profiles. Combined with high-quality 22 mm thick ISO safety glass, we achieve very good heat insulation values and prevent thermal bridging that is common in simple aluminum profiles. The generous interior space of the Livingten Lounge allows for versatile use as a conservatory or second living room in the garden. There are no limits to your ideas with this.

Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty
  • Bay window as an entrance area
  • Great sense of space
  • Tall standing wall height of 2.15 m
  • Specially developed thermally separated aluminum profiles
  • Can be used as a conservatory
  • 22 mm thick insulated glazing
  • No cross-beams in the glazing panels (stable base structure)
  • ISO safety glass also in the roof area
  • Unique two-tone profiles
Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty


Livingten-Lounge in the garden
Hochwertige Aluminium-Profile Bio-Top

High-quality aluminium profiles

As greenhouse manufacturers, we develop our own high-quality aluminum profile systems that precisely meet the highest requirements. Our range now includes approximately 450 of our own profile cross-sections. The ridge, gutter, and base profiles are particularly important for stability. All load-bearing profiles are continuous, preventing weak points (leakage).

Decoration strip

Two-tone construction

Livingten achieves a unique sense of space with its two-tone profiles. The light profiles on the inside create a bright and open atmosphere, while the exterior showcases a modern anthracite gray colour.

HOKLAR Sun shading roller blinds

Aluminum capping bars

Instead of using plastic glass clips, we use high-quality aluminium capping bars to hold the glazing in place. Unlike plastic capping bars, these do not rot or become porous, ensuring optimal stability and excellent insulation properties. Additionally, replacing the glass panes afterwards is easily possible.

Installation of the side walls

Well thought out

All Hoklartherm greenhouses feature a modular system, making them easy to assemble using a step-by-step process. Windows and doors are pre-installed. To ensure everything goes smoothly, all products undergo a rigorous quality control before delivery.

Rain gutter greenhouse

Designed for self-assembly

This greenhouse-conservatory combines 40 years of experience and knowledge in greenhouse construction! Livingten has been designed from the beginning for easy assembly and includes several innovations. With regard to self-assembly, the parts are largely standardized to prevent any confusion during the installation process. Of course, each new development is thoroughly tested multiple times in our large display garden.

Usable as a conservatory

Can be used as a conservatory

The construction is made of stable and aesthetically pleasing profiles. In combination with high-quality 22 mm thick ISO safety glass, we achieve very good thermal insulation values, effectively preventing thermal bridging that is typically found in simple aluminum profiles. Therefore, this greenhouse also allows for a combined use as a standalone conservatory.



  • 4 roof windows (90 × 90 cm) with automatic window opener
  • 1 double sliding door, approximately 1.65 m wide x 2.00 m high (standard) | Main house
  • 1 sliding door, approximately 0.80 m wide (standard) | Bay window
  • Side and roof glazing: 22 mm ISO safety glass
  • Glazing grid: approximately 85 cm
  • Profile colour: Exterior: matte anthracite gray | Interior: silver anodized
  • Decorative elements on the ridge

Optional Add-ons (for an additional charge):

  • Additional roof window (90 × 90 cm) with automatic window opener
  • Side-opening window (90 × 90 cm) with manual opener – for side or rear gable
  • Sliding window, approximately 0.90 m wide
  • Double sliding window, approximately 1.65 × 0.90 m – for side or rear gable
  • Additional double sliding door, approximately 1.65 m – for side or rear gable
  • Shade roller for the entire roof area or side shading for one eave side
  • Light strip for the main house
  • Insulated foundation frame

Comfortable bed in the Livington Lounge garden-living greenhouse



The Livingten Lounge offers everything your heart desires with its spacious layout. Here, you can relax in a cozy reading corner or work undisturbed in a sunlit home office. Even at lower temperatures, the Livingten Lounge provides a retreat for relaxation and unwinding from your everyday life. Whether used as a greenhouse or a residential conservatory, the Livingten Lounge seamlessly integrates into the garden and is the perfect solution in a natural setting.

Bio-Top with decoration element



In addition to its size, the material plays a crucial role in the greenhouse. Specially developed, thermally separated aluminium profiles ensure high load capacity and excellent insulation. This is particularly important because this high-quality insulation allows for year-round use of the Livingten Lounge. As a glazing material, real glass not only meets the highest aesthetic standards, but is also exceptionally sturdy and sustainable.




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