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Greenhouse Bio-Top T-Line
Bio-Top I T-Line2.15 m

Available in
different lengths
(grid 0.5 m)

1.71 m

up to 150 kg/m²

Bio-Top II T-Line2.66 m1.71 m


With its narrow glazing pattern of 50 cm, the Bio-Top t-line from Hoklartherm is a more striking greenhouse with English style. Combined with our decorative elements, it brings nostalgia and elegance to your garden. The lockable divided single-leaf hinged door (stable-style door) provides convenient access, even with a wheelbarrow, while also protecting the plants: the lower part can remain closed to keep pets such as dogs or cats, as well as pests like snails, away.

Twin-wall sheets Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty
  • Narrow glazing pattern
  • Specially developed, high-strength aluminium profiles
  • Glazing with real glass possible in the roof area
  • 16 mm thick glazing
  • No crossbars in the glazing panels (stable base structure)
  • Large standing wall height of 1.71 m
  • Lockable, divided hinged door
  • Large hanging benches and plenty of accessories possible
Twin-wall sheets Seal profiles and constructions Seal 40 Years warranty


Greenhouse Bio-Top t-line in the garden
Bio-top t-line aluminium profiles

High-quality aluminium profiles

As a greenhouse manufacturer, we develop our own high-quality aluminium profile systems that precisely meet the highest requirements. Our range now includes approximately 450 proprietary profile cross-sections. Roof, gutter, and base profiles are particularly important for stability. All load-bearing profiles are continuous, thus preventing weak points (leakages).

Decorative strip Bio-top t-line

Real glass glazing possible

Our high-quality profile systems have a high roof load capacity of up to 150 kg/m². Therefore, we can equip the Bio-Top series with insulated glass in a thickness of 16 mm in the roof area – for optimal light utilization and longer durability. Of course, other glazing options are also available upon request.

Greenhouse shading blinds

Aluminum capping bars

Instead of using glass clips, we use high-quality aluminium capping bars to hold the glazing in place. Unlike plastic capping bars, these do not rot or become porous – providing optimal support with excellent insulation properties. Additionally, replacing the glass panels afterward is easily possible.

Installation of the side walls of the Bio-top greenhouse

Well thought out

All greenhouses from Hoklartherm have a modular system. This allows them to be easily assembled using a step-by-step process. Windows and doors are pre-assembled. To ensure everything goes smoothly, all products undergo a strict quality control before delivery.

Greenhouse rain gutter bio-top t-line

Efficient rain gutters

The bio-top is equipped with extensively tested, large rain gutters. This provides optimal conditions for an efficient water management in combination with a rain barrel.

Greenhouse glass bio-top t-line glazing grid

Narrow glazing grid

A narrow glazing grid with a pane width of 50 cm instead of the usual 100 cm provides the t-line model with a special nostalgic charm. Our cast decorative elements offer a perfect complement, enhancing this impression even more.


Divided revolving door (standard)
Undivided revolving door or sliding door

Additional options:
Additional roof windows
Partition walls including divided revolving door
Ventilation windows for side and rear walls

Custom colours available upon request

PC-twin-wall-sheets 16 mm, transparent
ISO safety glass / ISO glass 16 mm
Mixed glazing: side ISO glass / roof 16 mm ISO twin-wall-sheets

Additional visual highlights:
Additional decorative elements are available for an old English design. Feel free to inquire with us.

Installation of the decorative strip Bio-Top



Size is not the only factor when it comes to greenhouses; the material plays a crucial role as well. Specially developed aluminium profiles ensure a high load capacity – the crucial point for many greenhouses when it comes to safety and durability. Upon request, we are happy to customize our products to your specific desires. For example, you can choose ISO safety glass: This real glass not only meets the highest aesthetic standards, but is also particularly stable and sustainable.



*Other special colours available on request


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