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Shading under the Friesland patio roof

Patio roof from Hoklartherm

Being able to enjoy the outdoor seating area on your terrace or balcony without worrying about the weather - that's what a patio roof promises. You can set up your coffee table without concern, fire up the grill, or even sit outside wrapped in a warm blanket during winter. When choosing materials for your patio roof, it's important not to compromise if you want an aesthetically pleasing, weather-resistant, and therefore highly durable construction.
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Stable and low-maintenance: Which material is recommended for a patio roof?

Those who choose a patio roof in order to be independent of wind and weather naturally want to enjoy it for as long as possible. In general, constructions made of wood, steel, or aluminum are possible for patio roofs. While wood may initially be cheaper in terms of acquisition, it requires more effort and higher costs for maintenance over time. That is why, at Hoklartherm, we consistently rely on the most durable and stylistically adaptable building material of all: aluminum. It is extremely durable and weighs significantly less than an equivalent steel construction, for example. Additionally, it is naturally corrosion-resistant – i.e. it does not rust – it is resistant to impacts and shocks, it does not warp even with extreme temperature fluctuations, and it is also UV-resistant even at high radiation intensity. Our thick-walled support profiles provide the necessary stability for your patio roof and guarantee its maximum longevity. If you want to give your roof additional individuality, we can manufacture the aluminum profiles in a color of your choice from the RAL palette, in addition to the standard colors of green, white, dark brown, white aluminum, and anthracite gray.

Open and transparent: What glass is used to cover a patio roof?

Only a glass patio roof can offer an unobstructed view of the sky and nature while providing maximum protection. It also promises to maintain a permanently elegant appearance and requires minimal cleaning. Depending on the model and local conditions, you can choose from different glass options at Hoklartherm. For example, we use 8mm thick laminated safety glass for patio roofs such as "Friesland," "Ammerland," and "Emsland." However, the "Friesland" model can also be equipped with 28mm thick thermally insulated safety glass. The curved patio roof Berlinada comes standard with impact-resistant plastic glazing, but we also offer curved laminated safety glass upon request.

Straight or curved: What slope does a patio roof have?

In order for rainwater to drain properly and dirt to not accumulate, a patio roof must have a certain slope angle. Generally, angles between 5 and 15 degrees are recommended. This slope angle can be achieved in various ways. For example, we provide our patio roofs "Friesland," "Ammerland," and "Emsland" with a straight mono-pitched roof. The "Emsland" even allows for a roof slope of up to 18 degrees. The model "Berlinada," with its curved roof, not only provides an aesthetic appeal but also reduces maintenance effort. For individually designed custom structures, customized roof slopes can, of course, be implemented. All patio roofs from Hoklartherm are equipped with large gutters and integrated downspouts, so you can comfortably sit underneath them in dry conditions.


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