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We are here to assist you with our nearly 40 years of experience in greenhouse and modern conservatory construction. Your happiness in your own garden is our main concern. Isn't the first glimpse of the newly emerging seedlings in the greenhouse in spring a magical sight? And what can compare to the cozy feeling of looking out onto the snowy beds and bushes from the warmth of a winter garden on a cold winter day? You will find the right partners in us when it comes to realizing your garden dreams.

We not only offer our own development and manufacturing of all products at our company headquarters in Apen, Lower Saxony, but we are also available to provide you with our expertise, such as our guide with many tips on our products, vegetable cultivation, and technology, with tips on creating a DIY worm hotel and even a planting calendar. See for yourself and visit us in our large exhibition garden in Apen.

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Since Hoklartherm was founded in 1982 by the Hollander family, we have placed special emphasis on making a positive impact in the region. We take pride in the success stories of our inclusive working methods, job opportunities, and strong sense of community. As a skilled trade company, we see firsthand what we have achieved and happily share this joy with the world. Our products serve as a simple means to accomplish this. In the past, we have already expanded many places with points of encounters or green oases - material donations that, in our opinion, create a sustainable impact. For example, we were able to help St. Martin School in Bösel bring children closer to the work with useful plants by providing them with a new greenhouse.


In the Ammerland Hospice, our Rondo VK pavilion creates an additional retreat to enjoy nature in a sheltered environment. Every year, we receive visits from particularly curious guests in our exhibition garden for a few hours. The Aper Kindergarten "Unterm Regenbogen" utilizes our planted greenhouses and the expertise of our gardener, Gernot, for educational trips into the world of vegetables - and with great success. In the end, the little gardeners are enthusiastic, and we are delighted by their fascination with freshly harvested cucumbers and tomatoes. Sometimes, it is this change in perspective that brings new ideas and inspires us even more. It is important to us to continue being there for the region and growing together with our green surroundings.

Thermo small greenhouse in the garden


Hoklartherm was founded in August 1982 in Westerstede-Lindern by Dipl.-Ing. Werner Hollander. However, the first greenhouse, "the Thermo-Rundbogen-Gewächshaus," was already built in the garden of the Hollander family in 1978. This greenhouse sparked so much interest among their friends and acquaintances that it quickly led to the creation of further greenhouses of this kind. How did it continue from there? We will show you in the following timeline of our company's history.


Product Introduction: Greenhouse "Livingten". Greenhouse in a conservatory Design, in a modular system for self-assembly.

Product development and marketing of "arch greenhouse and multipurpose greenhouse"

Construction of a new production hall for contract manufacturing

Product presentation of balcony/terrace greenhouse "TERRA"

Award for "inclusive training" by the state of Lower Saxony, providing disadvantaged youth with an opportunity for apprenticeships. Hoklartherm now employs over 100 employees.

Transformation of the exhibition into a tourist destination. Expansion of global trade contacts: throughout Europe, United Arab Emirates, USA, Israel, Russia

Opening of the Indoor Greenhouse World - Sale of greenhouses and accessories, as well as garden accessories

Development and marketing of the "Flower-Line" mobile wind protection system with a built-in bench

Ausbau der Gartenausstellung (Größe: ca. 20.000 qm) und Bau des Cafés "Die Orangerie"


Development of a modular wall system with posts and glass elements

Development of the "Rondo" pavilion. Awarded the Bavarian State Prize

Development and registration in the pattern register of the Rhönrad-Sitzbank.

Development: Solarveranda "Berlin" with a patent certificate for the KST (power-assisted sliding technology). Awarded the Innovation Prize Lower Saxony 2000 and Bavarian State Prize 2001.


Construction of the production facility in Apen, the current company location with a large sales and exhibition area. Here, our customers can experience the products on-site.

Acquisition of VAW-Aluminium (Vereinigte Aluminium Werke), Bonn model series bio-top, Vario, Viola

Start of aluminum greenhouse production and introduction of some model series that are still produced by Hoklartherm today.

Establishment of Hoklartherm GmbH

First Greenhouse: The small greenhouse in the private garden
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As a passionate manufacturer, we have been producing garden ideas made of glass and metal in Apen for over 40 years. We want your garden to be your absolute favorite place where you feel at home at all times. That's why we are at your side from the initial consultation through to installation - for greenhouses, pavilions, conservatories and more.

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